• Tommy Halferty

    Ireland's Leading Jazz Guitarist

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Leading Jazz Guitarist Halferty joins forces with one of Ireland's leading rhythm sections Dave Redmond (Bass) and Kevin Brady(Drums). New & original compositions which feature a mix of improvised music, rock & blues.


Ethereal interplay between Irish jazz guitarist and Japanese contemporary pianist. Their uplifting and calming virtuosities together create the maelstrom of intuition for peace.


Artists' and musicians' alike in one way or another, develop the idea of re-inventing themselves at a certain period of their careers to avoid the possible drying up of their inspirational source.

Tommy Halferty

23 June 2019 00:00 – 23:59
Location: Les Jardins de l’Atlantique, Résidence du Port de Bourgenay, Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, Pays de la Loire, France
Category: Concert

Tommy Halferty has long established himself as One of The leading exponent's of Jazz Guitar playing from this country and has been for many years. He has performed & recorded for over 35 years with many of the World's stalwarts of the Improvisational & jazz music scene.