5 This fine trio – with Halferty on guitar, Ronan Guilfoyle on bass and Keith Copeland on drums – has recorded a string of albums under the drummers name. Now Halferty assumes the leader’s mantle but sticks with the approach that has made this trio so strong – muscular, intensely swinging music that marries Copeland’s superhuman groove to Halferty’s joyously expensive guitar playing bound together with total assurance by Guilfoyle. There are bravau performances from all three, but from Halferty particularly with guitar playing that puts him among the elite. Sunday Tribune May 04

Tommy Halferty (guitar)
Ronan Guilfoyle (bass)
Keith Copeland (drums)

Running time (68mins 35s)


  1. Mr K. C.
  2. Lost Ocean
  3. My Funny Valentine
  4. Vera Cruz
  5. Uno
  6. Bemsha Swing
  7. How Insentitive
  8. Ju-Ju
  9. Come Sunday
  10. 81